A Chain Lock Or Disc Lock?

It can be quite confusing for many rider on which is the best between a chain lock and a disc lock. Motorcycle security has risen to become a top issue with the numerous theft cases in the UK. In such circumstances, it is always important to secure your bike with any available method. A good beginning will be to install an alarm and tracking system. However, the bike should still be physically immovable from where you parked it. This where having a lock comes in.motorcycle-552787_960_720

  • Two common locking systems

The most commonly used methods include a disc lock and chain lock. A Disc lock may come in several designs, but it is basically tied to the wheels rendering the bike immobile until you come back. Most disc lock designs feature the lock part and linked with strong iron cables. A chain lock on the other hand features strong metal chain that can be run through the motorcycle frame and locked to any strong rods, road barriers or anchors on the streets. It can be quite a hustle to choose between the two with each having its pros and cons.

  • The Best

Ideally, a chain lock physically secures your bike more than disc lock. A chain is strong and will take time for a thief to cut it off. Additionally, a chain will help hold on the whole frame as compared to disc locks which are basically designed to be locked on the rear wheel. Regardless of the brand of disc lock opted for, a thief will always find it easier to cut it off than chains. Despite the fact that the chain can be a little heavy to move around with, it still outdoes disc locks when it comes to security ratings. It should thus be a top priority for you to opt for a chain lock.