Bike Security While Home

With thousands of motorcycles being stolen in the UK every year, it is not a surprise that security tops on the list of bikes owner’s priorities. Millions of people have installed quality alarm systems to prevent bike theft. With a perfect alarm security system, chances of losing your bike to thieves is reduced by a larger percentage. Having a tracking system makes it nearly 100% safe as the motorcycle can still be recovered if stolen. With so much being invested in these security measures, there is one aspect that is often overlooked.

  • Securing your bike at homehonda-1030936_960_720

Not very many people give much consideration to how they keep their valuable machines at home. Perhaps you consider your home to be so safe with neighbors hovering around all the time. However, you never know what could happen to it overnight. A British Crime survey revealed that over 40% of bike thefts happen near the owner’s home. It surely shows that while you feel so comfortable to park your bike in the yard for a while, that the time when a thief is very likely to strike. Parking in the shed, at the gate or even the garden leaves your bike very vulnerable.

  • Preventing such cases

There are a few strategies to avoiding bike loses in such circumstances. First, never lock up your bike in the open overnight. As put by a reformed thief, most theft cases happen overnight. A thief would easily prey on the owner’s carelessness and pounce on any small chance to ride your bike away. Secondly, avoid locking your bike to strong iron railings located outside busy shopping centers. If you do that, a thief will easily snap the chain with a hammer and ride away in seconds!

Finally, it is understood that not everyone can have the space inside the house to keep a motorcycle. But if you were to consider the expense of creating a little space for overnight keeping and that of buying a new machine, then the initial one is desirable. Just keep your bike safe.