Buyer Beware: Avoid Buying a Lemon Bike!

There is nothing worse than buying a used motorcycle and finding out that what you bought is not worth the money you spent on it, and it may even cost more than the price of a new bike to fix and repair.

While it may be difficult for the average rider to tell if the bike you are interested in is a “lemon” there are some tell tale signs that the motorcycle is not road worthy and may require extensive repair.

The absolute best way to tell is if the bike has been “dropped” at any time and has the visible damage to the exterior that is quite noticeable if it has been.

The best places to look are on the gas tank and the engine guards to see if there are any marks or abrasions and the handlebars to see if they are twisted or damaged in any way.

lemon-bikeObviously if the machine has been dropped or laid down you will want to avoid it unless you are quite certain that the damage is only cosmetic and you feel okay with that or confident enough to repair the damage provided that the bike runs well mechanically.

While it can be harder to detect mechanical issues there are again some tell tale signs that the bike is struggling.

If the bike will not start after a couple of tries then the best bet may be to walk away and try and find something else.

If it will start but sounds like it is running very rough then you may want to search for something else unless you can identify the main problem and feel confident in your mechanical skills.

Always check the tires for signs of wear and abuse. If there is very little tread left then you will ned to replace them and that can be pretty expensive.

Go online and check out some motorcycle sites like to get more info on owning and securing your bike after you have it up and running!