How To Take Care of Your Locks

Top quality locks hardly need any maintenance. You only need to keep them safe and clean to avoid cases of key failure. In keeping the motorcycle locks clean, you should avoid traditional oils as they tend to attract much dirt. The funny thing is that most bike owners don’t know how to take care of locks. They are quick to blame it on the brand rather than themselves for not doing their maintenance part. Caring for disc locks isn’t that difficult.

  • Prevent Freezing

A frozen lock won’t function. Most locks will freeze when exposed to rain images-26and wind in the winter season. It is thus very important to prevent malfunctioning due to freezing by using an aerosol lube. It will help to prevent water from getting stuck inside that leads to lock failure cases due to freezing. It is advisable to opt for locks that come with sliding keyway covers that are very effective in preventing raindrops from entering the lock. If your lock is frozen, simply use a defrost spray or heat it up gently.

  • Lubricate the lock

A lock will only function as smooth as it is lubricated. There are top lock lubricants in the market that not only make movement easier, but also are effective in displacing water. A rusted lock will always be stiff making unlocking difficult most of the time. To lubricate a lock, simply invert it and introduce the lubricant via the keyhole. Let it rest for a while and shake a little to move the substance to all movable parts of the lock. Be sure to find a perfect lubricant that can do both functions at affordable costs from reliable manufacturer

Finally, ensure that your lock is always clean. If your notice your lock sticking and jamming all the time, dirt will most likely be the issue. Applying WD40 or GT85 and working the key in and out several times will surely flush the dirt out. A lock is just as good as it is maintained.

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