How To Use A Disc Lock

Widely known as U-locks by riders, disc locks are perfect security inclusions for any motorcycle owner. They are light to carry around and can be quite difficult to unlock for most petty thieves. Though it is advisable not to use them on high-end motorbikes that are very expensive, this type of locks can be very useful. To get the most out of these locks, one has to understand how to use them. You don’t want to be locking weaker parts that can be easily cut off by a

  • Using D-locks Correctly

Most thieves would easily twist the locks to dismantle them. He/she can simply any metal rod to twist the lock in seconds and make away with your priced asset. Don’t make this easy for them. If you are going to loop a disc lock through any railing to lock it to the seat tube, then make sure there is very little space between the railing and the seat tube. It will even help if you opted for short D-locks. You can also limit the space by letting the cable run through two or three railings before locking with the seat tube. Additionally, it will be important for anyone who has quick release wheels to remove the front wheel and lock it together with the rear wheel while letting it run through a few railings. It will help reduce the ‘D’ space making it harder for petty thieves.

Finally, D-locks can help secure your bike to a great deal if used correctly. The demerit with most D-locks is that professional thieves easily get passed them making it viable to opt for chain locks. However, you can still make it hard for the thief by leaving no space between railings and the locked motorcycle. It will generally help to opt for top quality Disc locks from reputable suppliers.